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Re: Does anyone else find the main site confusing?

From: Christopher Armstrong
Subject: Re: Does anyone else find the main site confusing?
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 12:19:11 +1000

I have to agree on this point. I'm sometimes trying to bring up the
archives for the mailing lists, as I access the web site from a myriad
of computers (so bookmarking is out of the question). I find it hard to
locate them, and sometimes I just want so see if there's anything new on
a thread I written on.

For example, I click on "Developers" but it's not in there. I click on
user guides, but not there again. Finally I click on "Get help" and
there listed, plain and simple. It's just a bit confusing, as most of
these lists are developer-centric. I liked the old design, where
everything was listed on the side, as you could click through once to
where you wanted to go.

And shouldn't Gorm/ProjectCenter be listed under "Developers"? They're
the development tools for developers. The news way of locating them is
error-prone, and we seriously risk losing people's attention who may or
may not be interested in the gnustep project.
Christopher Armstrong <quineska AT__ gamebox dOT net>

On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 19:04 -0700, Gregory John Casamento wrote:
> All,
> I really have to express this bit of frustration...
> If I were a new, potential, user it would be very hard for me to navigate the
> current gnustep.org site.
> I would find it very confusing that the "Downloads" section doesn't contain 
> the
> current releases, but the links on the front of the page do (if so shouldn't
> the other link be called "additional downloads").
> I am constantly telling people to go the the site to show them GNUstep and one
> of the things which always trips them up is "where can I read about
> Gorm/ProjectCenter/etc etc."  They always click on the link on the top of the
> screen.   Little do they know that it's the link for each release in the 
> "News"
> section which points the the Gorm/ProjectCenter/etc. page.   This is 
> confusing.
> Can we please do something about this?   Even *I* get tripped up by this
> sometimes since it's relatively unintuitive in my opinion.
> I believe what we need to have is something like has been done on GAP.  We 
> show
> all of the current releases for all SW on the front page and the link leads to
> a page wich has "Information" "Download" and other links about that app.  I
> believe that this is cleaner and more intuitive.
> Just my opinion as I almost got tripped up *again* today while showing someone
> the site. 
> Later, GJC
> Gregory John Casamento 
> -- CEO/President Open Logic Corp. (A MD Corp.)
> ## Maintainer of Gorm (IB Equiv.) for GNUstep.

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