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ANNOUNCE: Cenon 3.71

From: Georg Fleischmann
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Cenon 3.71
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 15:16:22 GMT


We are glad to announce Cenon version 3.71 with quite some improvements. The  
two most notable improvements are support for multi page documents and  
adding/removing vertices. As always, the new version can be found at:


*** What's new ? ***

Cenon 3.71

- New: Multi page documents (basic handling of pages + printing).
       Template layers for even, odd and all pages with
       wildcards for page number #PAGENUM# and page count #PAGECNT#
       Example document: MultiPage.cenon
- New: new editing Tool to add a vertex to Paths and PolyLines
- New: removing of a vertex from Path and PolyLine
- Punch: punch with Groups and Rectangles added
- Undo for flatten text added
- Optimization of memory usage
- Fix: crash removed on Quit
- Fix: several bug fixes for calculating contours of objects
- Fix, Gerber-Export: Filled PolyLines are now filled
                      don't export empty layers any more
- bug fixes and cosmetics
- Documentation updated

*** What is Cenon ? ***

Cenon is a vector graphics tool with a wide range of applications. It is built  
upon a modular graphical core, and offers a variety of applications beyond  
desktop publishing. Cenon can convert, import, and export many graphics  
formats. The modular concept allows the extension of Cenon into very  
specialized applications.

Key features:
- import/export of vector graphics formats like HPGL, PostScript,
  Gerber, DXF, and more
- Editing of graphic elements like lines, curves, arcs, text,
  complex paths, polylines, text on path etc.
- DTP functionality for exposing images, color shading,
  color separation, thumbnail images, etc.
- working with layers as well as pages
- Extension of Cenon with modules (bundles)
- Cenon runs on GNUstep, OpenStep and Mac OS X

Cenon is free software and is released under the vhf public license (vhfPL).
The vhfPL is compatible to most free software licenses.

You can find more information on Cenon at

*** Cenon on GNUstep ***

The Art backend is the prefered backend if you need text rotation
and text scaling.

*** Authors ***

Cenon is the creation of
Georg Fleischmann and
Ilonka Fleischmann

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