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Re: gnustep status and new ports (zaurus?

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: gnustep status and new ports (zaurus?
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 22:01:48 -0600

On Sep 21, 2005, at 1:33 PM, address@hidden wrote:
Beyond trying to determine if the project is still active, when I began compiling it on the Zaurus, it failed in ffcall. It appears to have an embryonic "arm" port ... which is even less useful than (say) giving Intel as a CPU instead of "Pentium-4" or something in that vein. I have a config.sub that works fine for "zaurus-unknown-OpenBSD3.7" (it compiles gnome fine). I would like to try porting ffcall or the zaurus SL-C3000, but to do this, I need to have some notion what, precisely, ffcall is really doing. Any test progs, say something that works today on a stable platform like Intel with either FreeBSD or Linux would really be of great help.

If you are using Zaurus, have you seen this web site?


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