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Re: Compiling two backends

From: Pablo Di Noto
Subject: Re: Compiling two backends
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 11:49:28 -0300
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Pablo Di Noto wrote:
I tried building gnustep-back-0.10.1 release, first with
./configure --enable-graphics=art --with-name=backart
without problem.

Does doing a 'make distclean' make any difference for you? The procedure is documented in INSTALL:

Oops... that is where I had read it :)

Well it makes no difference. I installed all X11 development libraries, with no luck.

I guess the problem is simply compiling the x11 backend and not related to the two backend setup. Also, since I am running on a 64bit machine, so I will try the same on a 32bit to see if that can be the problem.


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