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Appkit documentation

From: Christopher Armstrong
Subject: Appkit documentation
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2005 21:15:36 +1100

I've decided to leave my Objective-C like manual on hold, having looked
at the gnustep-base manual and deciding they are too similar in content.
I might write a makefile guide. Is the texinfo source available for
current GNUstep manuals?

On the other hand, I've continued to add something to my Appkit
guide/manual. Tell me what you think. I will make structural changes,
later, at the moment I'm just trying to get some text down (e.g. the
last chapter is likely to be part of the second last chapter as a
section). I also intend to rearrange the chapters a bit, and wishing
texinfo had a section feature that let you group chapters.

For those that are interested, what I've done can be found at:

I can send people the texinfo source if they're interested.

Comments, suggestions and contributions are welcome. Particularly in
relation to what kind of chapters should appear, or what you'd like to
see added.

carmstrong at fastmail dot com dot au

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