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Re: Best distribution layout on mingw? (was Re: GNUSTEP_USER_CONFIG prob

From: Lloyd Dupont
Subject: Re: Best distribution layout on mingw? (was Re: GNUSTEP_USER_CONFIG problem (Windows))
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 16:49:21 +1000

It's why I was (unsuccessfully :-( ) suggesting to have the GNUstep.conf file in this directory.

I don't understand this last comment ... what is it that doesn't work when you put the GNUstep.conf file and the gnustep-base dll in the same directory? I'm moderately sure I tested that configuration on mingw (not just on unix) a few weeks ago, before my machine died.

I didn't try...
but according to my understanding of what you said.
this would never be implemented.

Now if I get this email correctly that should, in fact, work?
mhh... I have to give it a try then!

Could I use a path like that in the GNUstep.conf then:

do you think this behavior of:
1. using a GNUstep.conf file (in the same directory as the dlls)
2. specifying path starting with "./"

is here to stay?

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