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Re: Creating NSImage in a tool

From: Sheldon Gill
Subject: Re: Creating NSImage in a tool
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 14:55:09 +0800
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Alex Perez wrote:
Sheldon Gill wrote:
Stefan Urbanek wrote:

I need a tool that will take some inputs and will generate one or more TIFFS. I
am trying to create an image in a tool under MS Windows like this:


The output is:

2006-02-13 15:10:14.000 test.exe[3512] Drawing path
The file 'c' is writable by someone other than its owner.
Ignoring it.

There is code in base which enforces a particular security policy.
It seems the security policy on your system violates those expectations.

The specific issue is that your configuration file 'c' has permissions on it that base doesn't like.

My recommendation is removing the offending code: gnustep-base NSPathUtilities.m ~line 660

If this causes problems *under windows*, shouldn't it be ifdefed out *under windows*?

IHMO, no.

The problem is that its trying to enforce a particular security policy. In this case that policy conflicts with one in use.
Security *policy* should be left to the system administrator.

This will also cause problems *under unix* when policy conflicts.


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