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porting from Cocoa help

From: Anurodh Pokharel
Subject: porting from Cocoa help
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 23:38:32 -0600
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Well, it's been exactly since i last posted about porting a cocoa app. I
tried again today an was actually able to compile everything in
ProjectCenter with a few changes. The main change on my end was that apple got
rid of the dock in mail.app so i got rid of it too. That made porting a
lot easier. 
 The app i am porting is OSXnews  ( http://osxnews.sf.net )

I have a few questions. 
1. does  NSAlert exist in gnustep? I had to comment out every instance
to get it to compile2. I know that @try{} catch does not work in the version of 
gcc that
ships with non Darwin systems. How do you guys get around it? I commented
every instance, but that will limit the stability of the application
3. How do you give the application an icon? does it take icns files?

4.  NStoolbar uses @selector to specify the action, i had to comment out
all of that too. How is this done in gnustep. 
5. i have the old style (non XML ) nib files. What should i use to
convert them to gorm?
6. Webkit, where can i get a copy of the gnustep version. The app uses
webkit to display newsgroup postings in a nice formatted way. I can live
without it, but it would be nice to have simply to keep the source in
the OSX and GS versions similar. 

beyond that, the application now compiles (without the nib files, yay!
late binding!)  on linux with gnustep and hopefully, we will have GSNews,
a small fast NNTP newsreader for gnustep 
Oh yeah, for anyone who might see this in the future via google gorups,
to get round the missing  coca.h thing, make a folder called Cocoa in
the project directory and create a file there called Cocoa.h with the
following contents:

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>

typedef BOOL bool;

#define  true YES;
#define false NO; 

this  makes Cocoa apps a lot easier to port to GNUStep since it requires
no changes to the headers included and fixes the bool issue. 


Anurodh  Pokharel

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