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Re: GNUStepWeb

From: David Wetzel
Subject: Re: GNUStepWeb
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 20:07:19 +0100

Tgate wrote:

> Unfortunately their tutorials use Project Builder and it's hard to  
> follow the same path in xcode, much less creating a proper makefile  
> for GNUStep. Everything seems to be setup to use java instead of  
> objective-c.  I was under the impression that you could use objective- 
> c for development.
> > If you start using GSWeb, try to use my branch which is more  
> > compatible with WebObjects than the stuff
> > in trunk. I did not have the time to merge it back...
> Where would I find your branch?

svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/gnustep/libs/gsweb/branches/06-02-dwetzel

the trunk is at

svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/gnustep/libs/gsweb/trunk

Make sure to do this in a new directory.
There are some examples which use the GSW-Style of tags. I recommend using 
WEBOBJECT, and stick to 
the docs at


If somebody wants to help me, I could provide some very basic hints in the 
GNUstep wiki.
But that stuff needs editing. All I could do is raw short info...


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