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FOSDEM 2007 All developers Meeting (was Re: Cocotron)

From: address@hidden
Subject: FOSDEM 2007 All developers Meeting (was Re: Cocotron)
Date: 28 Dec 2006 01:19:37 -0800
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> you're right - it is very desirable to discuss this topic with all
> GSsteppers, althoug we may not be able to do so :( But I see this

During FOSDEM we will have a Devroom with 31 seats and a beamer. And,
we can add a time slot for such a discussion. The only "solution" we
need is someone who takes care of it (moderator + organizer).

> session only as a possibility to exchange some ideas which we have to
> present and discuss further  on this mailing list.
> Of couse, having a GNUstep Conference Stream would be very cool :)
> How? Webcam + skype??? May FOSDEM provide a related infrastructure?

Yes, there will be WLAN provided by all.

> >
> > @Helge: We should start preparing this session...seems to be
> > important :) At the beginning of the next week i can start on this
> > topic.
> >


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