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Re: Cocotron

From: Stefan Bidigaray
Subject: Re: Cocotron
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 18:32:53 -0500

I haven't really chimed in this conversation because well, I'm not a developer and to tell you the truth most of the time I don't know what going on.  Since we started the subject of changing things around (namely the name of the packages) I figured this would be a good time to bring something that has been on my mind for a while: the GNUstep filesystem hierarchy.

The only think that I don't like about the current implementation is the whole /System, /Local and /Network hierarchies (I'll refer to everything as if it was installed to /).  I'm really bad at trying to say what on my mind cause it's a mess up there, but here goes.  Why not make the "/System" hierarchy just be "/"?  This would mean the hierarchy would be something more like:
 * all the stuff under Local
etc... instead of the current:
 * /System/Applications, /System/Library, etc
 * /Local/Applications, /Local/Library, etc

The only reason why I'm bringing this up is that I've been build GNUstep with the prefix="" which puts everything on "/" and it looks kind of strange when I want to look at all the applications available using the File Viewer.  I know this might sound way off the wall, but I got the idea after looking at my buddy's Mac and thinking that that's pretty much how "/", /usr and /usr/local are set up (they all have the same hierarchy but are located on the previous one).  In my head, this kind of set up seems a little more intuitive than the way it currently is.

I know it seems pointless but I'm speaking from a user's point of view.  I've looked at some of the -make scripts and it doesn't look like it would be too fustrating!  Again, I'm just throwing it out there...


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