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Re: GNUstep Web browser (was Re: WebKit Bounty)

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: GNUstep Web browser (was Re: WebKit Bounty)
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 14:20:15 +0000

On 4 Mar 2007, at 11:09, address@hidden wrote:

I thought that it is already LGPL since it is part of the mySTEP
project - but I have found that it is nowhere mentioned explicitly the
individual header files.

I already have an FSF assignment for "changes to GNUstep" but I have
no idea if adding a new framework is a change to GNUstep or a new
project... That is something FSF has to decide.

Actually I think it's mostly up to you ... if Greg, as official maintainer is willing to accept it (I would be very surprised if he said no), and you want to contribute it, then I'm pretty certain that all you need to do is announce that you want to contribute it as part of GNUstep, change the headers to say that it is part of gnustep and the copyright is owned by the FSF, and your existing assignment will cover it. There is no special paperwork or legal procedure to be done to make something part of GNUstep.

What I did not understand was the comment of some guys in earlier
mails that they do not like reimplementation but want to port WebKit.
Then, they find that it not only needs ObjC++ but also Core
Foundation. Therfore, they invent a wrapper for Base to have the CF
API (Apple btw. does it the reversed way). So, this is no

I think Chris was doing the CoreFoundation stuff anyway ... nothing to do with the current 'WebKit Bounty' discussion directly but an interesting point to raise (in the context of porting webkit) that a CoreFoundation clone is already under development.

It's also good to remember when a bunch of people on the discussion list disagree with something, that all they are doing is giving their opinions. Nothing that's said prevents people from getting on and doing what they want to do and contributing what they want.

To take that a step further ... even if some people are really hostile to an idea on the discussion list, that doesn't usually reflect the attitude of the project as a whole or that of the core developers, and it's highly likely that other people would welcome contributions that a small minority have loudly complained about. It's also easy to massively over-estimate the amount of opposition that the author of an email meant to communicate.

So, it would be a mistake to be put off by negative sounding comments. Rather, you should assess them, take technical ideas from them where appropriate, and make up your own mind.

With GNUstep core we have a focus on implementing core libraries for MacOS-X compatibility, but even where ideas do not fit with this, we have plenty of options of adding projects alongside the core, with space in svn repositories for both gnu and non-gnu projects and with associated Etoile and Backbone projects for more desktop oriented code.

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