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Re: European GNUstep Developer's Meeting

From: Riccardo
Subject: Re: European GNUstep Developer's Meeting
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 22:43:06 +0200
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On 2007-05-07 11:07:14 +0200 "address@hidden" <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi all,

I think that I remember that during FOSDEM 2007 there came up the idea
to have a separate Developer's meeting between the FOSDEM events. And
it should be a GNUstep only meeting, so that we have enough time and
no conflicting talks/topics to discuss. I also remember that there was
a proposal for a Swiss Chalet to meet :-)

well, long time ago (2 years?) I had the AlpenStep proposal... Switzerland was planned back then because Guerkan couldn't enter the Schengen Area. Something near Lugano could have suited me, because I could arrive there by motorbike in a reasonable time, so not to add airplane costs.

I think we already have a lot of interesting topics to dicuss:

* how to make/plan/verify new releases
* news on Cairo backend
* SimpleWebKit status, issues, missing parts in GNUstep Base and GUI
* Etoile
* how to attract new developers and users?
* organization for FOSDEM 2008 + participation in other OSS / Linux
* how to handle ObjC-2.0 and new features of OS X 10.5?

You left out GAP !!!! I feel terribly offended. Generally I'd pull out the question of Applications (both user-level as well as developer-level).
I want to discuss windows stuff too...

What we need:

a) enough GSParticipants
I'd appreciate some NSCoreDevelopers. I understand that NSAdam or NSGregory are far away, but the presence of NSNicolaPero or NSRichardFM would be quite interesting, especially regarding the release cycle, objc 2.0 and the "missing parts"
GSFredKiefer and GSAlexMalmberg would be good for the backend talk.

b) a rough GSAgenda - formed  by proposals for Team Decisions and
Status Presentations about Subprojects
There is so much to talk about we need a GSPreMeeting to make the GSAgenda :)

c) a nice, central GSLocation with conference room, flipchart and a
beamer, great food, but affordable to everybody
Switzerland suits the location for me, but it is not the cheapest place in the world, although if some insider gives you a tip you can get away with it. A place with at least some kind of internet connection (at least a modem) would be very handy I guess.

d) a GSTimeInterval (I would assume that a weekend would be preferred
by the majority)
Yes. At the cost of taking a day off before or after, it would give maximum flexibility.

    e.g. something like Sat 15:00 - Sun 15:00, so that you can come
earlier or depart later if interested to do e.g. hiking
also leave out some time for talking about stuff off GSAgenda, I guess some "subgroups" of similarly minded people could form (I think I'd like to talk to core people, to GAP people and to Nikolaus.. other might want to meet Etoile, etc)

e) GSSponsor(s) to support those with small budget
that would be too nice to be true :)

and ... we will have a lot of GSFun

some kind of GSHack instead of GSHike could be nice too.

I can volunteer to organize b)

For d) I suggest a timeframe before End of July (vacation time) or
beginning with September:

Sept suits me: begins to be off-season and yet not rainy enough :)


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