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Re: demise of FreeHand, future of Cenon

From: Jesse Ross
Subject: Re: demise of FreeHand, future of Cenon
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 07:52:57 -0500

Has there been any discussion of adapting Cenon to make use of more
typical graphic design interface concepts? If not, would that be
considered? Or could Cenon be forked to create a new program which
would be more focused on the needs of a graphic designer? Or could a
graphic design module be created which would significantly alter the

As a designer, I'm a big fan of Freehand as well, and am very sad to see it go. Since Adobe has seemed to acquire a monopoly over design software, the only place left for real innovation and alternatives are in open source projects. Cenon would be a great tool to push into that market, and starting to add the features that William mentioned could make that a reality. XVG, Pixen and Seashore also seem to be good steps that direction, but, unfortunately, none of them have been written with GNUstep in mind.


So, while it would be great to get all or any of these tools over to GNUstep, Cenon has the advantage that it's already native.

In short, I agree with William. I would love to see Cenon move more this direction, and would be willing to offer any advice and suggestions that I can to help that transition take place.


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