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Simple Web Kit status

From: address@hidden
Subject: Simple Web Kit status
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 10:46:12 -0700
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Hi all,

I have fixed several parts of Simple WebKit (http://wiki.gnustep.org/
index.php/SimpleWebKit) and it now works quite well when displaying
text only pages on GNUstep. On Cocoa <img> also works - but we still
track down a bug when doing the same with GNUstep.

The recent additions are
* X(HT)ML parser made incremental, so that it directly handles
incoming html fragments and allows to stall when a <script> tag
requires to load a subresource before continuing parsing
* text attributes are made more complete (e.g. <em>, <tt>, <sub>, <u>,
<stike> etc.) - appearance depends on NSTextView's capabilities
* preliminary <hr> support
* handling of JavaScript - it gets parsed and evaluated, but the
evaluator lacks most functionality

There is a test bed application "SWK Browser" which I use to test all
those bells and whistles of the WebKit API (e.g. notifications) which
now also provides a DOM tree inspector. It is not intended to be used
as a browser - but you can... It is part of the SWK sources and there
is a version that is compiled for MacOS X 10.4:
http://www.quantum-step.com/download/SWKBrowser.app.zip If you have
access to a Mac (with 10.4) please download, try out and give

The results so far are quite encouraging and show the power of
Objective-C (no ++) 1.0. On MacOS X it is quite fast. Although I have
not done any iBench test the subjective impression is that it is not
slower than any other browser.


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