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new user of gnustep on ubuntu question about basic usage

From: Zhang Weiwu
Subject: new user of gnustep on ubuntu question about basic usage
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 09:48:17 -0500
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Dear list

I am a new user of gnusteps, this is the 4th time I decide to try use gnustep as my daily desktop, last 3 times all failed with this or that problem, mostly because not everything is pre-configured very well for most Linux/BSD distributions, at least not pre-configured as well as Ubuntu's Gnome.

My system is Ubuntu 7.04 (what's the best system to run GNUStep? I mean, the platform that have least compatibility problems?) And my problems are:

1. all gnustep applications (e.g. GWorkspace & Terminal) start frozen. "Solved" by switching to 24-bit color mode in xorg.conf, at the cost of turning of DRI (my video card driver only support DRI at 16-bit color mode); 2. GWorkspace starts without desktop, must click "Show Desktop" each time I login. Cannot find options like "Show Desktop By Default" in Preferences, and man GWorkspace give no information about parameter that helps GWorkspace start with Desktop; 3. In Shelf the shortcut I created (by drag & drop) always disappear after logout and login back, must re-create these shortcut each time; 4. If I start evolution (yes, I should use GNUMail and I am using it, I use evolution only some-times for HTML emails), even if I close it, it stay as an icon at the bottom, unless killed. 5. When I switch from GNUMail to Terminal, the menu of Terminal is brought up in front of GNUMail's menu (good!) and if I click to open a sub-menu, this menu is displayed behind GNUMail's sub-menu, making it impossible to click anything on that menu unless I drag whole Terminal menu away. I think the user-expected behavior is: if menu is in the front, its sub-menu should also be in the front. This also happen to other applications, not just between GNU Mail and Terminal; 6. Is there a good way to run a gecko browser in GNUStep way? I mean, firefox doesn't look like a GNUStep application when I run it in GNUStep.

That's just the problems I start to meet, I believe there will be more when I use more of it. Sorry to not to do in-depth STFW before asking these (but I did STFW for a while without obvious answer) but I'd always think it's better a new user don't have to neither STFW nor post questions on the list to start using basic feature like Desktop & GNU Mail. If I understood it well then usability is a goal of gnustep project and I hope my list of new user question / experience can help improve usability.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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