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Re: European GNUstep Developer's Meeting

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: European GNUstep Developer's Meeting
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 21:19:19 +0200
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Gerold Rupprecht wrote:
> I have spoken with Niklaus Schaller this morning. We discussed Alpenstep
> and fixing a date and place.
> Niklaus will be presenting a paper at a four day conference in Denmark.
> There is a strong possibility that he can make it for Alpenstep at Les
> Marecottes on the weekend of September 1st. He has to find out which day
> he presents and is still waiting for a reply before giving a final
> answer. He suggests we go ahead with Les Marecottes for the weekend
> Sept. 1-2.
> Let's decide for the place and date for Alpenstep as soon as possible so
> everyone can advance their preparations.
> Fred, how are you for this date and place (Les Marecottes, September 1-2)?

Fine for me. I will have to move a personal date, but this should work.

> I need to know the following:
>     Number of persons in your travel group?
TBC (need to ask my girl friend)

>     Estimated arrival date and time?

>     Length of stay?

>     Airport pickup?
NO. I am currently thinking about meeting Nikolaus at the Zurich
airport, as this is easy to reach from Freiburg. But more likely I take
the train the whole way.

>     Special needs?
>     Food allergies?
No, but I am vegetarian. Does this count :-)

Looking forward to see many of you there in the Alpes.


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