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OpenBSD GNUstep ports

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: OpenBSD GNUstep ports
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 23:48:31 +0200


I updated and extended the GNUstep ports to OpenBSD 4.1. The are based on 
the work originally done by Andrew Sveiskau 
for OpenBSD 3.9. The original version can be found here:

The notes mentioned on the page above still have to be followed.

The GNUstep port collection contains the ports for the following programs:
gnustep-addresses-0.4.7 GNUstep Addresses
gnustep-back-0.12.0 GNUstep Backend
gnustep-base-1.15.0 GNUstep base library
gnustep-chronographersource-1 GNUstep ChronographerSource
gnustep-codeeditor-0.4.4 GNUstep Code Editor
gnustep-cookbook-0.1 GNUstep CookBook
gnustep-digibux-1.0.4 GNUstep Digibux
gnustep-duncan-0.1 GNUstep Duncan
gnustep-easydiff-0.3.0 GNUstep EasyDiff
gnustep-examples-1.2.0 GNUstep Sample Applications
gnustep-gfractal-0.1 GFractal
gnustep-gmastermind-0.1 GMastermind
gnustep-gmines-0.1 GMines
gnustep-gorm-1.2.1 GORM: Graphical Object Relationship Modeller
gnustep-gui-0.12.0 GNUstep GUI library
gnustep-jigsaw-0.5 GNUstep Jigsaw
gnustep-jishyo-0.1 GNUstep Jishyo
gnustep-localize-0.0.1 GNUstep Localize
gnustep-mail-1.2.0pre3 GNUMail
gnustep-make-2.0.1 GNUstep Makefile scripts
gnustep-mknfonts-0.5 GNUstep mknfonts
gnustep-pantomime-1.2.0pre3 GNUstep Pantomime
gnustep-photoclip-0.2.5 GNUstep Photo Clip
gnustep-price-0.8.1 GNUstep PRICE
gnustep-projectcenter-25235 GNUstep ProjectCenter
gnustep-renaissance-0.8.0 GNUstep Renaissance
gnustep-simpleagenda-0.25 GNUstep Simple Agenda
gnustep-steptalk-0.10.0 GNUstep StepTalk
gnustep-sudoku-4 GNUstep Sudoku
gnustep-terminal-0.9.4 GNUstep Terminal
gnustep-ticker-0.1 GNUstep Ticker
gnustep-workspace-0.8.6 GNUstep Workspace Manager
gnustep-yap-0.2 GNUstep Yap
gnustep-zipper-1.2 GNUstep Zipper

gnustep-simpleagenda requires the libical package in devel.

the port was tested on i386.

testers, comments, feedback,... are welcome.

kind regards

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