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Re: Weird color problem with GNUstep/Etoile

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Re: Weird color problem with GNUstep/Etoile
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 20:43:03 +0200

Hi all,

Azalea is started and the fail safe terminal gets its window border as
expected, but this window title is some weird green, definitely not

  I think it is caused by Azalea, which does *not* use AppKit for
  Can you test with OpenBox3 window manager (icculus.org/openbox).
  Azalea is ported from OpenBox3 and use the same drawing mechanism.

As mentioned in my other mail, the problem occurs also when I log into
a GNOME session and just do

        openapp Typewriter  (or any other GNustep application)

Azalea is not started in this case so I doubt that it has to do with
Azalea. It must have to do with some recent changes in back. GNUstep
used to work on Solaris x86. :-(

I am just installing the lastest source (from scratch) on a SPARC
machine to see whether I get the same problem there.

OK, I just discovered taht the color problem only occurs when using a Sun Ray. I just tried it on the console. No problem. The colors are fine. But as soon as I access the machine through Sun Ray Server Software I have these weird colors. It seems that the problem only occurs when I access server B through a sun ray server software running on server A (remote login). That's probably teh reason why I encounetr this problem on the Sol x86 box and not on the SPARC. I bet if I installed SRS on the Solx86 and accessed it directly the problem would not occur.

So this problem - in opposite to not being able to use GNUstep/Etoile as a non-root user - is not very urgent. Nevertheless, if somebody has an idea what might cause this...



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