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Re: Open URL in NSWorkspace

From: Fabien VALLON
Subject: Re: Open URL in NSWorkspace
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 14:03:02 +0200 (CEST)
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On Fri, August 3, 2007 1:30 pm, address@hidden wrote:

> I have an offer for you: there is mySTEP/QuantumSTEP which is sort of
> a playground version of GNUstep to run on embedded devices - and - has
> the aim to be compatible to 10.4 (and 10.5 as soon as it is official).

Do you have WebKit, CoreAudio, CoreImage, CoreFoundation, WebKit,
NSToolbar, NSDrawers, NSPDF* etc ....

Can I build it without XCode ?

> It already has an implementation of -openURL: (which was the original
> topic):
> http://www.quantum-step.com/download/sources/mySTEP/AppKit/Sources/NSWorkspace.m
> So, please help Fred to implant that in the official GNUstep project
> instead of complaining that GNUstep is 5 years behind...

It seems you don't undersand what I mean:
I said "Congrats *to not give up*" ( thanks alexander Malmberg & all
others https://gna.org/project/memberlist.php?group=gnustep )

What is the future of GNUstep ?

Do you think that fred + 5 developpers can reach Cocoa compatibility ?
And what for ? Simple copy Cocoa ?  Can we port Adium or other big app
with only Cocoa without too much work ( the answer is NO ) ?

This is my opinion but I still think that GNUstep goes in no way ( and it
make me angry :)


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