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RE: Open URL in NSWorkspace

From: Vaisburd, Haim
Subject: RE: Open URL in NSWorkspace
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 11:23:06 -0700

Fred Kiefer wrote:

> But why should we open up URLs with a web browser?
> An URL just specifies how to get to a specific set of data,
> the data itself should then be treated just like any other
> file of that type.

Yes, agreed here.

> If it is HTML then it should be passed on to a web browser,
> but if it is anything else the proper application for this type should
be started.

But here is a point: why just a browser for HTML?
What if I want to edit it?

I think I saw a concept of an "instrument" or "tool" somewhere in Etoile
documentation. I'm not sure what did Etoile people meant by it exactly,
but in my own mind (I might have chosen another word for it then) an
is the following thing:

1. An instrument can show and modify a certain aspect of a document.
2. A document content determines the set of relevant instruments.
3. Within this set user can choose what instrument he wants to use.
4. And by the way, I want these instruments to be separate executables.

An obvious example of this is a picture editing activity.

It makes sence to have a "most natural" instrument, but I think
there should be a choice.

Now, the requirement to launch something for URL fits into the task of
a desktop environment, why to push it into the GNUstep that is supposed
to be
a policy-neutral library?


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