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Re: Why dose art not use fontconfig?

From: Isaiah Beerbower
Subject: Re: Why dose art not use fontconfig?
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 06:18:39 -0500

I'm not going to waist my breath arguing over what my app may, or may
not, be capable of doing. Since the feature in question hasn't been
implemented yet, you can hardly argue either way.


I get smiles and giggles out of somebody who will compose a mail as
long as that to tell me something I haven't created yet doesn't work.

Well, thank you anyway for your "helpful" information,

Isaiah Beerbower

On 8/23/07, Jeff Teunissen <address@hidden> wrote:
> Isaiah Beerbower wrote:
> >
> > ...
> >
> > For Font Manager, I had plans of using fontconfig and FreeType to
> > generate nfonts without any user, or other, input (other than, of
> > course, the font files).
> That is...ahh, "wrong-headed"; good nfonts can't be automatically generated.
> The "mknfonts" tool was written to spit out a first-run stab at a skeleton
> FontInfo.plist file, NOT as something you run on your fonts before installing
> them! No automatic tool can do the job right except in the MOST trivial cases,
> no matter how much fuzziness you put into it.
> ...

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