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Re: Fix for window flicks when getting focused

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Fix for window flicks when getting focused
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 01:44:27 +0200
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Yen-Ju Chen wrote:
> This patch tries to fix the GNUstep window flicks when it gets focus.
> This is the situation I traced:
> 1) A GNUstep window get focused.
> 2) [XGServerWindow orderwindow:::] receives NSWindowAbove with otherwin == 0.
> 3) It uses XGetInputFocus() and it succeeds because there is one
> window has focus (may not be the GNUstep window).
> 4) The GNUstep window is actually lowered because NSWindowAbove
> becomes NSWindowBelow.
> 5) Later, this window get focused again and raise again.
> Due to step 4 and 5, the GNUstep window is lowered and raised in short time,
> which creates the flicks.
> The patch is not meant to be applied directly, but shows the problem.

I am not sure about your diagnostic here. When a window is clicked it
will first get key status and then will be ordered to front, which
should be fine. So you must be talking about another way to get focus.
Could you please explain about that?
I would think that either the application is already active, then it
also has the focus and a key window or the application isn't active.
Then another application should have a key window and we should not
bring a window in front of that.

Where is my reasoning wrong?


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