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Re: New ProjectCenter Icons

From: Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller
Subject: Re: New ProjectCenter Icons
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 08:00:08 +0200

Am 10.09.2007 um 22:41 schrieb Gregory John Casamento:

Why not integrate Gorm&PC into a single Application (like other IDEs
are doing it)?

I don't think so.

Gorm shouldn't ONLY be useful with PC and. Gorm and PC are fundamentally different applications.

Well, I think, the answer if they are fundamentally different depends on the position from which you are looking at.

Basically, there are two approaches (very similar to "integrated *Works vs. separate Text processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database applications":

a) Project Center with external Editors for different file types

here they are different - one is the manager and the other an editor.

b) Integrated IDE with Editors for *ALL* data types you have in a typical project

File types which typically appear in a GNUstep project are:
* source files (.m, .h)
* Makefiles
* NIB files (.nib, .gorm)
* property lists (.plist)
* icons/images (.jpeg, .png, ...)
(* help files)

My argumentation is for b), because it would allow features that are quite difficult to integrate or operate in approach a) like:

* single "edit" window in PC for all kinds of project components - without switching applications
* project wide "Search" including NIBs
* double-click on a Class in the NIB editor will jump to the @interface in Source file * double-click on Action method will jump to the @implementation in Source
* NIB editor simply "knows" the IBActions a class provides
* NIB editor simply knows the IBOutlets a class provides
* dragging an image on a NIB adds the file to the sources
* etc.

I know that this is quite a shift away from the original NextStep approach, but why not try if we can make life easier for the developers?

Tieing the two together would be a mistake as it would force people to use Gorm with ONE particular IDE.

Can't people simply ignore all the other functions of PC if they just want to use the NIB editor (aka GORM) only? I have e.g. used AppleWorks just as a Spreadsheet for a long time since there have been better Text editors and databases around.

Finally: http://www.gnustep.org/experience/ProjectCenter.html says

"ProjectCenter is GNUstep's integrated developement environment (IDE)."

So is there any other IDE to use GORM with?


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