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From: Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller
Subject: Re: LLVM
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 14:55:30 +0100

I feel we need to try to get objc-2.0 for gnustep, but if we do that by using a less widely available compiler we'll have to somehow try to keep support for people who need to use gcc with the current gnu runtime and that would probably be difficult. That wouldn't stop me going ahead and incorporating objc-2.0 features using LLVM though.

This brings me back to the idea of using a preprocessor that translates objc-2.0 to 1.0. This would have the great benefit that it works with *any* objc-1.0 compiler that is already available. I did already create some initial work. So if someone wants to support this approach, we can form a new small project around this:


IMHO this is not more difficult to create than adding objc-2.0 to LLVM. And, adding this preprocessing call to the GNUstep make system would be completely transparent for users. They still use ./configure && make and would have objc-2.0 features. Even without installing a new compiler.

And since GNUstep should be completely independent of the runtime (where are the real dependencies?) this approach could make us more independent of any compiler developments.


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