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Google SoC

From: Keith Duncan
Subject: Google SoC
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 12:08:07 +0100


I read the email Lars posted to the cocoa-dev mailing list. I've read through your list of ideas and I'm interested in applying to work on the GNUstep project over the summer. I'm a Cocoa developer with experience writing server/client applications, standalone applications and frameworks. I also have experience maintaining my own open source framework Amber which I made public earlier this year at [http://code.google.com/p/amber-framework/ ]. Admittedly the public repository has fallen somewhat behind that of my private repository. I've often consulted GNUstep implementations to get ideas for how best to tackle a problem myself, I think it's a brilliant resource and I would love to contribute to it.

Having read through your list of ideas I'm most interested in working on the CoreData implementation to gain a deeper understanding of the framework. I've also been thinking about ideas not on the list, something that I feel would be worthwhile would be updating the frameworks to include some of the latest Leopard additions, ensuring that other can continue to consult the framework implementations. Another idea I considered was attempting to implement an Objective-C 2.0 compatible runtime, essentially revamping the runtime modeled on the work Apple has already done, though perhaps this is too great an undertaking for one person?

Before applying I would like to ask about the front/backend separation and to what extend it will influence the code I would be writing. As far as I can tell this applies only to drawing code, understandably the code needs to run on multiple platforms. I'm assuming the ideas I have discussed are in the domain of the frontend code, except maybe the new runtime implementation? The reason I ask is that I only have access to a 32 bit Intel Mac OS 10.5 development environment and as such, I wouldn't be able to test any WIN32 based backend. I do hope this doesn't preclude me from applying.

Looking forward to hearing from you shortly,

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