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Re: Central GNUstep software index?

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Central GNUstep software index?
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 23:34:18 -0700 (PDT)
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On 23 Apr., 00:32, Riccardo <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> > PLEASE try to add/update things! I haven't seen any change requests so
> > far and this experience is important for your evaluation.
> I think the idea is nice. It doesn't look even that bad on my
> computer, so I guess it is font/browser dependant. Sure, a bit of
> color and style tweaking can be used as well as some logos.
> As far as the content, I'd say:
> - the licenses should be more specific? Recent discussions stirred up
> for "GPLv2", GPLv2+ LGPL...". Maybe two licenses possible for each

Adding to the list of licenses is simple (I think it is just an
array() of options). Adding multiple options is more complex.

> project too
> - Somebody already proposed the "umbrella project"

The easiest thing would be to just add the umbrella project as a
standard entry. And list all components in the description. This would
initially not link it. But one could use <a href="swi?obj=1235"> to
make the list a clickable link. Finally, the best option would be to
add a reference in the database and automatically display it. This
also needs some mechanism that you can attach/detach a subproject to
the umbrella project (and protect against circles).

 Not always there is
> a single author

You can simply list them separated by a comma.

> - two rss feed aggregation? Sourceforge offers a news and a file RSS
> which could be aggregated

I think RSS browsers can aggregate that. So each RSS source should be
kept separately.

>   languages available could be of interest too.

Good idea.

> If changes can be checked by a couple of admins so that updates and
> additions can be everyone's effort, it sounds good.

Yes, is available. To become an admin, one must register and define a
password. And someone with direct access to the SQL database sets the
"permissions" field to "manage". An admin can approve/reject any
change request.

> More ideas will coem with use.
> Riccardo
> PS: everything should be done in GnustepWeb to show our power, but
> let's not overdo it.

So, to me it appears that there comes some consensus that it should be
used and extended.

To do so, I think we should move the source code to the SVN repository
of the GNUstep pages - and somehow make it useable on the gnustep.org
web page. Then, we can use GNUstep bugtracker to handle improvement
reqests as well. And all developers with SVN access to the
repositories can work e.g. on the CSS styles.

What we also need is a MySQL database. Well, this raises one issue -
the config file contains the host name, the user id and the password
of the MySQL database in clear text. So we should better NOT publish
it - unless it is a "localhost" where a firewall protects against
external MySQL connections.

Who could help with that technical setup?


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