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Re: gsweb and apache 1.3

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: Re: gsweb and apache 1.3
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 18:38:11 +0200

David Ayers <address@hidden> wrote: 
> Sebastian Reitenbach schrieb:
> > David Wetzel <address@hidden> wrote: 
> > Some days ago, I stumbled across IntarS, found it interesting, and I 
> > to play with it. I got it compiled and it starts on my OpenBSD test box, 
> > now the apache module is missing ;)
> Cool... I guess that would put be me on the scene...
> http://www.intars.at/
> http://www.seat-1.com/ [original authors and my partners]
> out of curiosity... how did you stumble over IntarS?
I think there is a link to intars on your savannah profile. And as I found 
no source download there, then I took a look at sourceforge, where I was 
able to checkout from svn.

> I currently maintain the GNUstep versions on which IntarS builds (and
> it's actually a rather old and slightly patched pre-make 2.0 version we
> are currently using in production.
> (see Local/Projects/Scripts/IntarS/build.sh)
> SVNREV_GDL2=23034
> [pathches are in the same directory]
there is no Scripts directory in the Projects directory. I checked out svn 
revision 7.

> We have some install bases on other GNU/Linux derivatives, but have
> focused on Debian to minimize the surprises in complex environments.
> The "good" news is, that these revisions should also work with an
> Apache1 Adaptor.  Now if your goal is the play with IntarS, I'd highly
> recommend those versions.
> The reason we haven't upgraded is that Dave Wetzel has introduced some
> slight (internal API) incompatibilities wrt to the WebObjects version
> which we also have to support and we have some assumptions in IntarS
> about the GSWeb and the GSWAdaptor configuration which I need to tend to
> as soon as my customer projects allow me to do that.
> Now I don't think the GNUstep discuss list is necessarily the right
> forum to give IntarS support so I would suggest that you can ask me
> privately.
If there exists an administration or installation guide, that explains how 
to install from source and setup base configuration, would be great if you 
could just point me there. Or where I could find the sources, containing the 
Scripts directory, and maybe other missing pieces?
The pdf manual that I can download from sourceforge, only explains how to 
get the vmware image running.

> Yet if your Goal is an Apache1/FastCGI Adaptor than I don't think IntarS
> is the right project for that ;-) and would suggest to build on the new
> adaptors and focus on Apache2
In the first place, I was curious about IntarS, and whether it could be of 
some use for me, how easily or complicated it would be to customize it and 
so on. And I prefer to use the Apache 1 from the system, with its default 
settings regarding chroot and privilege separation.

kind regards
> Cheers,
> David

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