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Re: gsweb and apache 1.3

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: gsweb and apache 1.3
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 17:36:34 +0200
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Sebastian Reitenbach schrieb:
> David Wetzel <address@hidden> wrote: 

> Some days ago, I stumbled across IntarS, found it interesting, and I wanted 
> to play with it. I got it compiled and it starts on my OpenBSD test box, but 
> now the apache module is missing ;)

Cool... I guess that would put be me on the scene...

http://www.seat-1.com/ [original authors and my partners]

out of curiosity... how did you stumble over IntarS?

I currently maintain the GNUstep versions on which IntarS builds (and
it's actually a rather old and slightly patched pre-make 2.0 version we
are currently using in production.

(see Local/Projects/Scripts/IntarS/build.sh)
[pathches are in the same directory]

We have some install bases on other GNU/Linux derivatives, but have
focused on Debian to minimize the surprises in complex environments.

The "good" news is, that these revisions should also work with an
Apache1 Adaptor.  Now if your goal is the play with IntarS, I'd highly
recommend those versions.

The reason we haven't upgraded is that Dave Wetzel has introduced some
slight (internal API) incompatibilities wrt to the WebObjects version
which we also have to support and we have some assumptions in IntarS
about the GSWeb and the GSWAdaptor configuration which I need to tend to
as soon as my customer projects allow me to do that.

Now I don't think the GNUstep discuss list is necessarily the right
forum to give IntarS support so I would suggest that you can ask me

Yet if your Goal is an Apache1/FastCGI Adaptor than I don't think IntarS
is the right project for that ;-) and would suggest to build on the new
adaptors and focus on Apache2


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