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application not quitting

From: Marko Riedel
Subject: application not quitting
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 22:36:13 +0000 (GMT)

Hi folks,

I recently installed a GNUstep application on two new machines and ran into a 
problem that I hadn't encountered on the other machines where it is currently 
running successfully. I cannot quit the application by clicking on "Quit".

The delegate method applicationShouldTerminate: gets called and returns YES but 
the application does not quit. This is a real nuisance. As a workaround, I 
invoke NSApplication's stop: method in applicationShouldTerminate:. That quits 
the applications and saves e.g. window positions to the defaults database, but 
is definitely not how it is supposed to be used.

Any ideas what might be the problem here? This is with KDE 3.5 (I don't have a 
choice as to what windowmanager to use.)

Best regards,


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