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Re: FOSDEM Aftermath - the Hotel / Notes from preparing and giving my ta

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: Re: FOSDEM Aftermath - the Hotel / Notes from preparing and giving my talk
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 09:59:52 +0100
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> - while I am on it: I find the right click behaviour of GNUstep (show
> the main menu under the mouse, like OPENSTEP) quite dated. Mac OS X /
> Cocoa has a context based menu on right click nowadays (like every
> other platform). Maybe we can make that configurable too (to cater
> both OPENSTEP heads who like the old behaviour and everybody else who
> expects a context menu): how about a default named
> GSSecondaryClickBehaviour?
I'd also prefer context sensitive menus on right click than the whole bunch of 
main menu. That would make understanding an application from an "not so 
experienced" user quite more easy. Especially true for more complex apps like 
e.g. Gorm, where therer is a plethora of menu entries, but only some apply to 
the point where I right clicked.

> - the integration of dev apps (ProjectCenter, Gorm, GDL2) could be a
> little bit tigher. For instance:
> * Currently ProjectCenter creates project templates which contain
> a .gorm file in an outdated version. When you start using that .gorm
> file in Gorm without re-saving it first you might experience a crash
> when dragging some GDL2 stuff into it.
> * ProjectCenter doesn't provide a template for GDL2 apps. I
> handcrafted one for my talk, which is not included in ProjectCenter,
> but I have to make a copy of it manually and run a very simple bash
> script over it that renames particular files and changes some files'
> contents accordingly. Worked for the moment but doesn't make the best
> impression in a talk in which I wanted to show the ease of developing
> with GNUstep.
For the time being, do you have the script and template somewere around where 
others, like me, could download it?


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