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Re: gnustep software index

From: hns
Subject: Re: gnustep software index
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 07:37:46 -0800 (PST)
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On 21 Feb., 09:44, Sebastian Reitenbach <address@hidden
prods.de> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I just submitted my first app there, and I have some comments:


>  * most of the names of input fields are intuitive and say enough, but I was
> wondering, what the supposed difference is between download and source URL.

Download can be a binary, Source is Source...

>  * what actually should be entered in the device models field?

Just leave it open. It is a relict from the original tool (which was
for different handheld devices) that is used here.

>  * the maturity level I can choose between "alpha" and "beta", maybe there
> should be a "productive" too. Well, I chose alpha for my app, so no problem
> right now ;)

Empty = production.

>  * the captcha, was a bit tricky, I saw it, thought first, thats easy to read,
> and was then puzzled, when i submitted it, as it said, I haven't entered the
> right code. Maybe the text next to it, where it says I have to calculate the
> value, could be made more prominent?. As I'm from the lazy folks, I only read
> up to "please type in ..." and missed the rest in the first place ;) Besides
> that, is the captcha number always the same? I clicked multiple times on "New
> Entry" and got the same number there. When it is always the same, what's the
> purpose of the captcha?

There are some simple robots out there that try to deduce the value
automatically. Even by using OCR. I have made my life a little easier
to change the calculation every now and then, than replacing the

So far it simply works :)


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