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Re: NSZoneMallocAtomic disappeared from NSZone.h in -trunk

From: hns
Subject: Re: NSZoneMallocAtomic disappeared from NSZone.h in -trunk
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 00:07:48 -0700 (PDT)
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On 24 Mrz., 07:30, Sebastian Reitenbach <address@hidden
prods.de> wrote:
> a bug report made me start 
> investigating:http://bugzilla.opengroupware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=2025
> in revision: 27630 NSZoneMallocAtomic disappeared from NSZone.h, due to: "GC
> changes for MacOS-X compatiblity", since the svn log entry.
> NSZoneMallocAtomic was added:
> Fri May 21 16:40:00 1999 Richard Frith-Macdonald <address@hidden>
>  * Source/include/NSZone.h: Added NSZoneMallocAtomic() for Helge
>  and in anticipation of adding garbage collection support some day.
> the only usage of it that I found also was removed at the same revision 27630
> in Source/NSNotificationCenter.m:
> = (Observation*)NSZoneMallocAtomic(NSDefaultMallocZone(), size);
> = (Observation*)NSZoneMalloc(GSAtomicMallocZone(), size);
> NSZoneMallocAtomic is implemented this way in NSZone.h in stable 0.18:
> /**
>  * Allocates mmemory of size bytes from zone, with the assumption that the
>  * memory will never contain pointers.  This is only relevant in situations
>  * where a form of garbage collection is enabled, and NSZoneMalloc() should
>  * always be used otherwise.  Not defined by OpenStep or OS X.
>  */
> GS_ZONE_SCOPE void* NSZoneMallocAtomic (NSZone *zone, size_t size)
> {
>   return NSZoneMalloc(GSAtomicMallocZone(), size);
> }
> sope doesn't compile anymore with gnustep-base trunk. When I take a look at
> the code in sope, how it is using NSZoneMallocAtomic there I see, it is using
> NSZoneMallocAtomic everywhere but for NeXT_Foundation_LIBRARY I guess, it may
> also be available on Mac OS X, but I've no possibility to check that out, at
> least googling NSZoneMallocAtomic only finds references to gnustep and
> libFoundation.
> I'm writing here, because of my research now, I'm not perfectly sure whether
> it was removed intentionally or accidently.
> cheers
> Sebastian

Cocoa defines NSZoneMalloc() but no NSZoneMallocAtomic(). So it
appears to be an extension of GNUstep on which SOPE relies.

-- hns

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