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Re: a collective introduction of all sites related to gnustep

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: a collective introduction of all sites related to gnustep
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 11:40:31 +0200

GNUStep.it http://www.gnustep.it/

 This site hosts some projects: GWorkspace and SystemPreferences.
 Although it is the first google result for "system preferences
 gnustep", it offer an unmaintained version of SystemPreferences.app
 where gnustep.org has the maintained one. It also have several
 documents that wasn't in the GNUStep Library. The site did not cite
 what project it belongs to or who maintains it. GNUStep.org cite
 this website as "Italian developer site", which is confusing because
 it differres from GNUStep.org not on langauge but on the software

I guess I can clarify that. :-)

gnustep.it hosts a collection of software and pages related to GNUstep. You can see a summary of what is hosted there by going to http://www.gnustep.it. There is no particular reason why the domain is an Italian domain (.it) other than historical reasons.

I'm sorry if there's an unmaintained version of SystemPreferences.app there; I agree we should replace it with a link to the maintained version. We should ask Enrico who
works on that part. :-)

In terms of who "maintains" the domain, I am the legal owner of the domain and I pay the hosting fees. But it's meant to be open, so a number of people contribute to it and maintain their own pages on there. If someone else has got some GNUstep pages or GNUstep projects of his own that they want to host on there, this can be arranged. :-)


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