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Re: Problem with GNUstep and Objective-C++

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: Problem with GNUstep and Objective-C++
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 13:07:08 +0100

On 4 May 2009, at 21:28, Mike Simmons wrote:

Is your compiler built with Objective-C++ support? This is not the default for building GCC, and many distributions are reluctant to enable it because it is not really maintained by anyone at the moment. Can you compile a simple ObjC++ file?

Is gcc Objective-C++ support distinct from ordinary Objective-C support? I can compile and run a simple Objective-C program but not an Objective-C++ program.

Yes, in GCC objc and objc++ are entirely distinct front-ends. This, unfortunately, means that improvements in one do not always get shared with the other, and that while objc is almost-unmaintained, objc++ is completely unmaintained.

If it is distinct, I suppose I will have to rebuild gcc with the appropriate Objective-C++ support flag enabled in the configure stage?

Yes, you need to add objc++ to the list of languages to enable that you pass to ./configure.


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