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Can't setup the Window Background Color

From: Csanyi Pal
Subject: Can't setup the Window Background Color
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 16:21:19 +0200
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I'm a Beginner with Project Center, and in Obj-C Programming,
but I like the GNUStep.

I try to make a symple project with symple GUI.

I try to setup the Background Color of the Window in NSWindow Inspector
and when I click in the Background Color Box there I can't to change
the Color. Just show up two small green square and I can't to do with these

I try to setup the Background color and the Text color of a label but
without success. It's the same problem as abowe.

What is the problem?

My system is Debian GNU/Linux Lenny, and GNU Step was installed
with aptitude.

I have followed the Instructions here:

Any advice will be appreciated!

Paul Chany

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