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Re: framework

From: Michael Thaler
Subject: Re: framework
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 12:24:31 +0200


> Why?  Objective-C is much better than either... it's a very good  
> server solution (C++ is too inflexible and Java is slow/clumsy).

Im my opinion this is just spreading prejudices. I seriously doubt that Java is 
much slower then Objective C. Have a look at:


Objective C is not in the list but I doubt that Objective C would be much 
faster then Java if you actually use Objective C and not just a plain C subset. 
And Scala also runs on the JVM and is also quite fast and it is a very nice, 
modern language which is not clumsy at all.

C++ with a good library like Qt (which is LGPL now) offers many of the 
advantages of Objective C. In addition it is possible to program both abstract 
and fast in C++, which is not possible in Objective C. Just try to write an 
efficient and easy to use vector class in Objective C (not using plain C). I 
doubt that you can get it really performant.

That being said, Objective C is a nice language and I do not say it is not a 
good alternative for server side programming. I just do not like people 
spreading prejudices which are basically wrong.


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