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Re: GNUstep dev environment

From: Gürkan Sengün
Subject: Re: GNUstep dev environment
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 11:58:57 +0100
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I'm newbie in GNUstep (and in Objective-C). What is the best dev environment
for GNUstep? I'm using text editor (Vim) and console build, plus 'insight'
as gdb front-end. But it doesn't like fast development environment for me.

The speed gain is done using the graphical interface builder (Gorm.app), and
by the greatly slim designed API, which allows you to achive all you want with
much less code:

Quote of the Booz-Allen Study

* took 100+ senior programmers and trained them on NeXTstep, then asked them to write the same app on both NeXT and their previous system.
    * First application written was written two to five times faster.
    * Savings were 90 %
    * 83 % less lines of code in the NEXTstep version
    * 82 % said NeXTstep was better in ALL categories
* It isn't faster to code on NeXTstep; you just have to write less of it. The revolution is "getting rid of software".

from: http://livecd.gnustep.org/

Another big advantage, write once, compile everywhere. For example:


Could you please share your better practice?


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