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Re: A few problem with latest SVN stuff

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: A few problem with latest SVN stuff
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 02:28:21 +0100
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* I set GSX11HandlesWindowDecoration to NO (have GNUstep draw the borders)
and moving windows are extremely slow.  I'm on a 500MHz PC, so it's really
noticable.  If I let WindowMaker decorate the window moving it around is
really smooth, but when GNUstep is decorating them it's painfully slow.  If
I move the mouse fast enough (to one end or another of the screen) the
window lags behind.  I'll make a note here that I remember this also being
an issue when I was on a 2.5GHz PC, just not as noticable there.
I tried on cairo on my 1.8Ghz computer with a nVidia card with its drivers in Xorg. SO it should be fast.

What I noticed is:
- if I only have GNustep windows open, like gworkspace and then move a terminal, everything is quite fast - if the gnustep window is over a foreign window (in my case over the browser, which is GTk2) it becomes sluggish. And I mean really. I don't even want to test on a 100Mhz cpu or so, it would be unbearable.


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