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renaming Terminal to GSTerminal

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: renaming Terminal to GSTerminal
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 18:48:31 +0200
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I wanted to add the Terminal to the OpenBSD ports. but it conflicts with the Terminal binary of xfce. To work around the conflict I thought I can change the APP_NAME in the GNUmakefile to GSTerminal. It rebuild fine, and in the end I had the GSTerminal binary installed. However, when I try to start it, then I get the following error message:

GNUSTEP Internal Error:
The GNUstep function to establish the argv and environment variables could
not find the main function of your program.
Perhaps your program failed to #include <Foundation/NSObject.h> or
<Foundation/Foundation.h> (or included/imported a different version of the
header from the one supplied with this copy of the gnustep-base library)?
If that is not the case, Please report the error to address@hidden

I'm not perfectly sure what that means to me. Do I can fix it somehow via Makefile variables? I also wonder, whether GWorkspace then still would make use of GSTerminal via the services menu, or would it not find it then?


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