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Re: Issue starting Gorm, ProjectCenter, GWorkspace..etc on netbsd 5.0.2

From: Nick Allgood
Subject: Re: Issue starting Gorm, ProjectCenter, GWorkspace..etc on netbsd 5.0.2
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 22:01:12 -0700

A netbsd friend of mine gave me some information that may help you understand it better.. see below:

   your build will typically have something like: cc -o myproc -I/path/to/headers -L/path/to/libs -lspecialLibrary myfile.c
   netbsd requires something more, for runtime linking, which is often manfested as:
   cc -o myprog ... -W,-R/path/to/libs
   (running from memory here)...
   the "-W," is a flag passed to linker, and linker requires this runtime link path...
   it's diff't than Linux (in requireing it).
   programs w/o it will claim to compile and link properly, but won't in fact run...

On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 9:59 AM, Fred Kiefer <address@hidden> wrote:
The interesting bit of the compiler output is this one:

> gcc -shared  -rdynamic -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib -L/usr/pkg/lib
> -Wl,-R/usr/X11R6/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib       -o
> ./libgnustep-back-019.bundle/./libgnustep-back-019
> ./obj/libgnustep-back-019.obj/GSBackend.m.o ./gsc/obj/subproject.o
> ./x11/obj/subproject.o ./art/obj/subproject.o
> -L/root/GNUstep/Library/Libraries
> -L/usr/GNUstep/Local/Library/Libraries
> -L/usr/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries  -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib
> -L/usr/pkg/lib -L/usr/pkg/lib -lart_lgpl_2 -lm -L/usr/X11R7/lib
> -lfreetype -lz  -L/usr/X11R7/lib -R/usr/X11R7/lib -lXmu -lXt -lXext
> -lX11   -lGL   -lgnustep-gui    -lgnustep-base   -lpthread -lobjc
> -lm

On my 64-bit Linux system I get:
gcc -shared  -rdynamic      -shared-libgcc -fexceptions -o
./obj/libgnustep-art-019.obj/GSBackend.m.o ./gsc/obj/subproject.o
./x11/obj/subproject.o ./art/obj/subproject.o
-L/root/GNUstep/Library/Libraries -L/usr/GNUstep/Local/Library/Libraries
-L/usr/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries   -L/usr/lib64 -lart_lgpl_2 -lm
-lfreetype -lz  -lXmu -lXt -lXext -lX11   -lGL   -lgnustep-gui
-lgnustep-base   -lpthread -lobjc   -lm

This looks very similar and in both cases -lfreetype is present but Xft
and fontconfig are missing. The main difference I see is the -R switch
used on NetBSD. What is this for and why isn't it present for freetype?

But the real problem is most likely within libfreetype.so.6, on my
system this library contains FTC_Manager_New. For the NetBSD version
this doesn't seem to be true. Maybe we need to add a check for that
function into our configure script and give up if it isn't present?
This wouldn't help you in any way, but make the problem explicit.

Could you please open up libfreetype.so.6 (the one ldd tells you was
linked against your libgnustep-back-019) in you favourite editor (surely
this will be Emacs, is there any other?) and see whether it exports
(using nm didn't work for me).

We should try to get somebody involved in this problem who has at least
some knowledge about NetBSD.


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