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Re: www.gnustep.org should change screenshot

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: www.gnustep.org should change screenshot
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 16:46:45 +0000

On 5 Dec 2010, at 16:42, Gregory Casamento wrote:

> Perhaps we should also consider removing the screenshot from the front
> page entirely and add a "gallery" section for all kinds of
> screenshots.

I think we should have a smallish showcase screenshot (click-to-enlarge) on the 
front page, but probably leave it at that, with a clear link to a screenshots 

For reference, the Bean screenshots I was talking about earlier are in this 


They show a Mac app and the same app running on Windows with GNUstep, which I 
think is a pretty important thing for us to be demonstrating - being able to 
take an app written for a platform with 3-10% market share to a platform with 
90% market share with little effort is a huge selling point for GNUstep.


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