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FOSDEM Devroom schedules deadline is in 6 days: 25th of January

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: FOSDEM Devroom schedules deadline is in 6 days: 25th of January
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 23:22:50 +0100

Hi folks,

I am finally back in town, now not only physically but also mentally. I booked my flight to Brussels and a hotel room in the Argus yesterday - I'll be there starting Thursday, the 3rd to Monday, the 7th.

And finally there was a mail about the deadline for the devroom schedules today which I attached below. This means we need to come up with a schedule really quick (hence the somewhat blatant subject of this mail).

What do we have now:

* 30 min David Chisnall proposed half hour or so slot reserved for discussing UIKit / iOS implementation plans * 45 min Nikolaus Schaller: Latest progress of Simple WebKit and QuantumSTEP * 45 to 60 min Quentin Mathé: Fast and Flexible UI Development with EtoileUI (overview and what's new since the previous FOSDEM)
* 30 to 45 min Quentin Mathé: Étoilé Status Update
* 30 min Niels Grewe: DBusKit
* 30 min Nicola Pero: Objective-C support in GCC 4.6
* 10 min to 15 min Sebastian Reitenbach: talking about GNUstep on OpenBSD
* framework lightning talks proposed by David Chisnall

without the framework lightning talks this amounts to 255 min (4 1/4 hours) talking time at best, even if I add a very amply 15 minutes break between the talks (to maintain the 15 minute block granularity) it sums up to just 345 minutes - which are 5 3/4 hours at max. We have time from 13:00h to 19:00h so there is plenty of space for more talks.

Is there someone of the folks who definitely come to FOSDEM who wants to give a talk? Fred, do you intend to give a talk? Riccardo, are you coming to FOSDEM? Do you want to give a talk about the latest development in GAP?

What about a skype/ichat based talk from people not in europe? I'd be interested in the latest developments of GORM and themeing - so Greg would you like to give a talk this way?

To all the people wh o want to give a talk: Please prepare the information requested in the mail below.



Anfang der weitergeleiteten E-Mail:

Von: Tias <address@hidden>
Datum: 18. Januar 2011 19:24:09 MEZ
An: Fosdem Developer Rooms <address@hidden>
Betreff: Devroom schedules

Dear Devroom Organizers,

We've had some trouble getting our conference management system up and running the way we wanted, hence this unfortunate delay for the schedule submission information.

We hope that as a side effect, the schedules are already as good as final ; ) We highly appreciate the schedule-outlines we already received by email.
The dealine for entering the schedule is in 7 days: 25 januari.
The really *hard* deadline is Saturday 29 januari, 13:00, at which moment we sent the booklet with the schedule as is to the printer. After this deadline, changes wo;; only appear on the website and most visitors (using the booklet) will not know about them.

The conference management system is reachable at:
I will send each of you an email with your personal login details in the next couple of hours (dinner time ; ).

An example of what the schedule will look like is here:
We hope to publish the schedule in the coming days on the website, but are still tackling some technical hurdles first.

The conference management system (pentabarf) is one of those web- based system requiring lots of selecting and clicking, luckily not all information it supports is needed:

When adding a speaker (person), following information is required:
- First Name
- Last Name
- Abstract (e.g. a bio/FOSS activities)

Following is optional (and recommended, see examples above):
- Image (128x128 png)
- Links (blog, ...)
- Description: if you fill this in, it will be displayed below the contents of 'Abstract' (e.g. if you wish to separate a one-line description of the speaker with his actual bio).

When adding a talk (event), following information is required:
- Title
- Slug (keyword for short url, ie 2 first words of title)
- Event State = 'accepted'
- Progress = 'confirmed'
- Track (your devroom)
- Speaker (name, speaker, confirmed)
- Abstract
- Day
- Start time
- Duration
- Room

Optional (and again recommended ; )
- your 'Event Role': coordinator (lists the talk in your menu option 'own events' tab 'coordinator', for easy access)
- Links (webpage of project)
- Description: our preferred format is a one-line description of the talk in the 'abstract', and a longer description in 'description' field.

I know it may seem a bit tedious at times, but the alternative is that you send us the schedule by mail and we do it (for each and every devroom) ourself. Hopefully, you are willing to spare us from this extra work.

Having entered plenty of talks myself, here is some javascript code that you can run in a console like the one from firebug. It fills in the 'constant' values automatically (change the last 2 lines):
// javascript, personal default pentabarf 'event' values
function setListbox(elementid, value, caseSensitive) {
  var oList = document.getElementById(elementid);
  var sTestValue = (caseSensitive ? value : value.toLowerCase());
  var sListValue;
  for (var i = 0; i < oList.options.length; i++) {
    sListValue = (caseSensitive ? oList.options[i].text :
oList.options[i].text.toLowerCase()); //change text to value if you wish to compare by value of listbox.
    if (sListValue == sTestValue) {
      oList.selectedIndex = i;
// general
setListbox('event[event_state]', 'accepted', false);
master_change(document.getElementById('event [event_state]'),'event_state_progress');
setListbox('event[event_state_progress]', 'confirmed', false);
// persons
setListbox('event_person[0][event_role]', 'coordinator', false);
setListbox('event_person[1][event_role]', 'Speaker', false);
master_change(document.getElementById('event_person[1] [event_role]'),'event_role_state');
setListbox('event_person[1][event_role_state]', 'confirmed', false);
// devroom specific
setListbox('event[conference_room_id]', 'Ferrer', true);
setListbox('event[conference_track_id]', 'Lightning Talks', true);

Thanks, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to mail us!
Kind regards,

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