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FOSDEM Beer / Discussion

From: David Chisnall
Subject: FOSDEM Beer / Discussion
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 20:09:11 +0000

Hi Everyone,

The consensus among people I've spoken to so far seems to be to not stay too 
late at the beer event, but instead find somewhere a bit quieter where we can 
talk without having to shout in each other's ears.  

The FOSDEM people seem to be putting me in the Novotel which is about 300m from 
Delirium, and has a bar[1] that stays open until 1am.  Can I propose this as an 
alternative location for us to retire to after a few beers in Delirium? 

I should be getting in to Brussels some time around 16:00, so I should have 
found my hotel and settled by about 17:00 (unless I do the same thing as last 
year and get on a subway train going in the wrong direction, then have to turn 
around...).  It might be a good place to meet people, since it's quite close to 
the beer event, and we can go from there to find somewhere to eat - looking on 
OSM there seem to be quite a few restaurants between the hotel and the beer 


[1] A 'lounge bar, where you can enjoy a delicious coffee, cocktails or a large 
choice of Belgian beers,' apparently.

-- Send from my Jacquard Loom

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