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Re: Zcode license switch, more progress

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: Zcode license switch, more progress
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 11:28:28 +0000

On 22 Jan 2011, at 16:24, Ivan Vučica wrote:

> Hi!
> As you can see, I can work on Zcode only very intermittently, but I'm making 
> a bit of progress. I'm currently focusing on some UI basics, and soon I'll 
> work on getting a basic build system to work.


> I've added Xcode and Cocoa compatibility for development, just to work a bit 
> faster; I'll keep the Project Center project and GNUstep compatibility where 
> I can, but OS X is what I use on a day-to-day basis, so working on OS X will 
> hopefully stimulate me to open Zcode more often and work on it faster. 
> Currently, Gorm files are not updated to what I did under Interface Builder, 
> so I'm sure Zcode won't work, but it's easily rectified as soon as I boot 
> Debian.

Please try the .nibs with GNUstep, and bug Gregory if you find things that 
don't work.

> You can take a look at the latest screenshots here:
> http://ivan.vucica.net/zcode/
> (they are, of necessity, aquafied)


> Additionally, the license has been switched to LGPLv2 as suggested by some 
> people, since there will now indeed be some portions that might be useful 
> outside of Zcode; one such thing might be the various editors that will be 
> added. I'll probably create some sort of plugin interface with the individual 
> editors split into plugin bundles.

Thank you!

> Finally, a question:
> In future, should I send these announcements to a different list? Should I 
> create a separate mailing list just for Zcode? I think there isn't enough 
> interest at the moment, and the project is in too early stages, but if you 
> guys think it makes sense, I could do it.

I spam the list periodically with stuff only a few people care about, so I 
can't complain...

If the emails are still fairly intermittent, I'd suggest that keep things on 
the GNUstep list, and consider moving to a new list if you start having very 
long threads about ZCode hiding all of the other GNUstep threads.


-- Sent from my Cray X1

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