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Basic questions about Gorm

From: Omar Campos
Subject: Basic questions about Gorm
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 16:57:05 -0400

Hi all,

  First I'd like to say that I'm still a newbie in all things Objective-C, so please excuse me if my questions sound too basic or just plain stupid. My only experience has been using Xcode on the Mac, and with UIKit (and have only used a few widgets about it so far). When using Gorm to draw a simple interface, the following doubts came up:

- I dragged a "Title" to my window, but I found no way to change its caption. The Inspector only allows to change the color and alignment properties. Does this need to be changed programatically?
- I found no way to create connections between outlets by dragging like I do in Xcode. How is this done? (It may simply be that I don't have any connectable properties yet!)
- Using @property for my controls had errors. Is this not supported in GNUStep? (It's OK, if it isn't, I don't have a problem with manually creating my properties).
- I am not exactly sure how do I get my Objective-C class inheriting from NSWindow to load the nib? In UIKit, I've seen this done with initWithNibName:bundle:, and even though I haven't successfully used it yet, I wonder if such a function exists in AppKit. Or do I need to inherit from NSWindowController instead.

If you guys can point me to a tutorial which shows how to do these things, that would work as well.

Thanks for any info, and again, sorry for the basic questions.

Omar Campos Rivera

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