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Re: what is the best Windows distribution?

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: what is the best Windows distribution?
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 10:20:42 +0200
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I am the kind of using for fun (not coding for fun) and prefer the least
trouble way, which almost mean I always choose whatever other chose. So
what is the most chosen way to run GNUStep on Windows?

Currently the only supported way is MinGW. Cygwin used to work, but its support was left unmaintained for years, thus currently it does not work - at least for me. It could be revived, I am not aware of any technical reason of why not.

Performances are not as bad as people depict them, I used Cygwin quite successfully while at the university.

MinGW is indeed almost completely native, with Cygwin you would have the advantage of more POSIX functions (thus much easier compatibility) and the option to test both the X11 backend as well as using win32 like in MinGW.

Somebody reported a working Cygwin about 1 year ago here on the list, but never shared his results. I mailed him privately several times, with no reply. I Don't remember his name though, I think he was Asian.

So it depends on how adventurous you want to be. VirtualPC/VirtualBOX/VMWare might be a solution for you too. Remember that you can run the applications inside the VM and then export the display locally to an X server running on the windows part. I did this on a specific setup and the performances were more than acceptable!


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