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Re: Extremely poor quality of GNUStep applications

From: Ivan Vučica
Subject: Re: Extremely poor quality of GNUStep applications
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 12:41:52 +0200

I was confused by the domain "EtoileOS.com" :-)

In a way, that was what I meant.

Also, preparing a distribution that end user can install off of a CD or a DVD might be a good idea. Such as the live CD and the vmdk you guys have (had) on the site. Which in the end means -- it would be an OS.


Ivan Vučica
via phone

On 26. tra. 2011., at 12:26, David Chisnall <address@hidden> wrote:

On 26 Apr 2011, at 11:12, Ivan Vučica wrote:

Etoile + GNUstep desktop OS environment -- according to how I understand Etoile project, that doesn't really make sense, since Etoile is a project to develop an OS (and any components necessary to do so along the way). :-)

Then you misunderstand Étoilé. We are developing a user environment that runs atop an existing OS, not a new OS.


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