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Obtaining a UUID NSString

From: Austin Clow
Subject: Obtaining a UUID NSString
Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 23:23:52 -0500

Hope you guys are not getting tired of me!

On Mac OS X, I use the CoreFoundation functions to get UUIDs (that is the only 
function of CF I really use directly), is there a way in GNUstep to obtain a 
UUID as an NSString? 

I have tried searching thru the documentation, but since it is not searchable 
(unless I am missing something), but I am yet to find a UUID method. 

Note: I read somewhere that CF was being implemented in GNUstep, but it doesn't 
seem to be apart of the general release? If this is true, I would still like to 
avoid installing that until it become apart of the standard provided libraries. 
As I am new to GNUstep please forgive my ignorance. 

- Austin

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