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Re: New -base release?

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: New -base release?
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 10:44:47 +0200
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Hi David,

you don't seem to get the point. I don't have to tell you that a change the contains the word "fix" is just as likely to break something as if it doesn't contain that word. And even if these fixes where 100% correct, we still need to make sure that none of the other changes has any effect outside the proper target environment.

I would suggest that we start a code freeze for GNUstep base on the next weekend. This gives people some time (although rather little) to push in features that they really want to see in the next release. Then we have two weeks of code freeze during which only changes to the test are allowed, plus bug fixes that are supported by tests. NO new features during that time, not even tiny ones.
After that a release would be fine for me.

Could we agree on that schedule? I will try to get some response from Richard on this.

As tests go, I just run the base tests and had quite a few failing for me:

   6248 Passed tests
     13 Dashed hopes
      8 Skipped sets
      5 Failed tests
      2 Failed files
      1 Failed build

I would prefer to see skipped tests and dashed hopes here. A failing test always should mean that my system is broken and unusable in some sense, for example because my objc runtime isn't thread safe. But I don't want to see a failed test because I don't have ICU installed. In that case we should report a skipped test. Of course this will mean that some features of GNUstep base aren't available on my system, but basically GNUstep is still usable.
The failed tests are:

I will look into the last one that fails to compile without C99 and add an autorelease pool to the regex test. Could you please make the first three tests dashed hopes?


On 02.08.2011 01:00, David Chisnall wrote:
Well, looking through the change log, about 90% of the changes since
the last release have contained the word 'fix'.  A lot of the changes
I made were fixes because PyObjC discovered bugs in GNUstep.  I'd
like to tighten up some of the ARC-related stuff, but I'm not too
bothered about the stability of things like ARC / GC - they're not
yet used by many people yet - but lots of the other stuff has been
bug fixed since the last release.

We don't have many new untested features, but we do have a lot of
fixes since the last release.  I think we've actually done more bug
fixing since the release than during the code freeze period prior to


On 1 Aug 2011, at 23:16, Riccardo Mottola wrote:


you added great stuff, but I think it should settle a bit... Just
to ensure that base is not causing things to be crashy and/or less


David Chisnall wrote:
Hello all of the people,

What do you think about the idea of doing a new point release of
-base soon?  Most of the changes I've made in -base since the
last release have been bug fixes and cleanups - and looking at
the commit logs, I'm far from being the only person to do this -
so trunk is probably in a more stable state than it was when we
did the last release.  We've also got some shiny new features,
like some 10.7 classes and methods and support for ARC / GC.

I'd like to do a little bit more ARC-related cleanup, but I'd be
in favour of doing a release in the next week or two.


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